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KSM (Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell): LOCATION & CLIMATE

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The KSM property is located in the Iskut-Stikine River region, approximately 65 km northwest of Stewart, British Columbia. The property is centred at latitude 56°30' North and longitude 130° West on NTS map sheets 104B/8W and 8E, 104B/9W and 9E.

Access to the property is by helicopter from Stewart. Mobilization of equipment and personnel can be staged quite effectively from the Bronson Strip or from Bob Quinn and Bell II Crossing on the Stewart Cassiar Highway.

Daily weather patterns in the Iskut region are unpredictable. However, prolonged clear sunny days can prevail during the summers. Snowfalls and strong winds can be expected from early-October until mid-April with temperatures varying widely between 0° and -40°C. Snowpack ranges from one to two metres but high winds can create snowdrifts up to 10 metres.