Seabridge Gold


The Iskut Property is located in northwestern British Columbia, about 110 km northwest of Stewart, BC and less than 20 km by air from Seabridge's massive KSM Project. The Iskut Property consists of a contiguous block of 100 BC Mineral Claims, 2 Mineral Leases and 13 Crown Grants covering 29,436 hectares (294 km²) situated in the Liard Mining Division. The mineral claims require no additional expenditures to remain in good standing until dates ranging from 2023 to 2025. Annual holding costs for the Crown Grants and Leases total $9,231.08 until 2023.

Access to the property is via aircraft to its own landing strip. Within the property there is an extensive network of access roads that traverse many of the historical target areas.

The Iskut Property straddles the east-west flowing Iskut River, with most of it south of the river. Terrain is rugged, typical of glaciated northwestern BC, with elevations ranging from about 100 meters to over 2,200 meters. Most of the valleys in the lower parts of the property are heavily forested but the higher parts are open alpine zones. The climate is moderated by proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Although temperature fluctuations are not extreme, total annual precipitation is significant.

The consolidated land package has undergone intermittent exploration since 1907 with the majority of the work carried out in the late 1980s and early 1990s. More than 30 independent operators have owned and worked claims within the Iskut Property and their uncoordinated efforts have discovered numerous promising targets. Very few of these discoveries have been systematically explored over the past 20 years.