Seabridge Gold


In May 2002, Seabridge entered into a purchase agreement with Newmont Canada Limited and Total Resources Canada Limited on the Courageous Lake project comprised of 17 mining leases covering 18,178 acres. The purchase by Seabridge closed on July 31, 2002. Under the purchase agreement, Seabridge paid Newmont/Total US$2.5 million in cash and granted them a 2.0% NSR and agreed that it would be liable to make two (2) further payments of US$1.5 million, each subject to the price of gold passing certain thresholds, for a 100% interest in the property. A further US$1.5 million was paid to Newmont/Total in March 2003 as a result of the spot price of gold closing above US$360 per ounce for 10 consecutive days. The final US$1.5 million was paid to Newmont/Total in February 2004 as a result of the spot price of gold closing above US$400 per ounce for 10 consecutive days.

Upon acquiring the Courageous Lake project, Seabridge assigned its rights to to its wholly owned subsidiary, 5073 N.W.T. Ltd. The obligations of 5073 N.W.T. Ltd. under the agreement, including the payment of the royalty, are secured by a debenture under which the vendors have been granted a security interest in the Courageous Lake property.

Subsequent to the Newmont/Total acquisition, Seabridge staked contiguous open ground totalling an additional 49,133 acres in 42 mining claims of which a portion is subject to the terms of the 2% royalty. In 2004, an additional property was optioned in the area ("Red 25"). Under the terms of the agreement, the Company paid $50,000 on closing and was required to make option payments of $50,000 on each of the first two anniversary dates and subsequently $100,000 per year. The agreement provided that the Red 25 could be purchased at any time for $1,250,000 with any option payments being credited against the purchase price. This option was subsequently exercised.