Seabridge Gold



Exploration was conducted on the property under a management committee over a 10 year period until 2013. The work consisted of:

  • Surface geochemistry totalling more than 12,000 samples.
  • Nearly 466,000 ground magnetic survey readings.
  • Detailed gravity readings at 4,180 sites across the property.
  • Core drilling of 33,245 meters and Reverse Circulation drilling of 17,385 meters.

Between 2014 and May 2017, no field exploration work was conducted on the property as permitting, data compilation and consolidation of ownership were the focus of activities. After consolidation of the ownership in the Company, the surviving owner entered into negotiations with Seabridge. Seabridge Gold secured an undivided 100% interest in the project by acquiring the private company shares based upon its intention to implement a long-term exploration effort towards the discovery of a blind giant Northern Nevada gold deposit.