Seabridge Gold


Seabridge began to collect environmental data at their Courageous Lake, NWT property in 2003. The data collection was designed and implemented by EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. To date the data includes archaeology, fisheries, water quality, hydrology and wildlife. The environmental program in 2004 and 2005 included water quality, hydrology and wildlife. The results are summarized below.

Caribou: Four aerial caribou surveys were flown (September and November 2004, and July and September 2005). The results indicated that the general area of the property is used by barren ground caribou during both the southward migration in the fall and the northward migration in the spring. No caribou were noted in the area during the winter months and limited numbers in the summer months. The southward migration appears to occur between August and October and the northward migration between April and June.

Grizzly Bear: Aerial and ground surveys were conducted in 2004 and 2005 to document grizzly and wolf dens occurring within the study area. Over the two years twelve bears were sighted; in 2004 a single adult, one female with one cub, and one female with three cubs totalling seven grizzly bears, two new dens, and three old bear dens and in 2005 one female with two cubs, one large adult male, and one adult of unknown sex were documented. Over the same period dens observed included two used the previous winter and four old dens.

Wolves: Observations of wolves, wolf activity, and wolf dens documented one active den, one inactive den site and 24 observations of wolf sign in 2004; two additional old wolf dens and two adult wolves were observed in 2005.

During the summer and fall of 2005 a hydrometric survey of Matthews Creek was conducted. The maximum-recorded discharge of 1.2 m3/s for Matthews Creek occurred on June 24, 2005 and a minimum flow of 0.2 m3/s was recorded on September 22, 2005 just prior to the creek freezing over. The instrumentation installed recorded flow continuously for the period.

Water Quality
Four water quality, sampling stations were located on Matthews Lake, one station at Courageous Lake, and one on Matthews Creek and were sampled twice during the open water season in both 2004 and 2005. Samples were analyzed for total and dissolved ultra-low metals (both total and dissolved), low-level nutrients, routine water, and cyanide as well as temperature, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. In general, the physical and chemical water quality parameters in the area of the Courageous project are generally pristine. Some impacts of the abandoned Tundra mine on Matthews Lake, could be noted in the concentrations of aluminum, cadmium, copper, and mercury.

2006 Program
The environmental field program in 2006 will concentrate on documenting the hydrology of Matthews Creek. A detailed design of the environmental data collection program to support the application to the McKenzie Valley Land and Water Board for development licenses and permits will also be completed.